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Do you need a valuation of your limited liability company (LLC)? Have other business concerns regarding LLCs? There are a number of different benefits of creating an LLC, but it is especially useful when used as an estate-planning device.

What Are the Benefits of an LLC?

As you likely know, there are substantial federal estate and gift taxes involved in leaving behind assets to your family and loved ones. An LLC can help to reduce the amount of taxes you are required to pay by up to 40%.

There are a number of different steps you can take to protect your assets and ensure that you are paying the least amount of taxes possible.

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Is An LLC Right For You?

If you own numerous properties, or if you have a high net-worth, a limited liability company can help protect your assets in the event of your death or incapacity.

You can rest assured that with Gibraltar Business Valuations assisting you that you will receive:

  • Better Value
  • Better Analysis
  • Better Quality
  • Better Service

While the benefits may far outweigh the drawbacks, an LLC may not be right in all situations. Our business valuation professionals can help explain your options and can provide a professional valuation report that stands up to the intense scrutiny of:

  • The IRS
  • The Department of Labor
  • And other state or federal agencies

Assistance with Estate Planning Tools

As an estate planning tool, an LLC is extremely effective for those with extremely large estates. At Gibraltar Business Valuations​, we know that you have worked hard over the years to earn your money and strongly believe you should not have to pay large sums of your wealth to taxes.

It is very important to review your estate plan with a professional who is highly trained and experienced in the field of gift and estate tax valuations and planning. You can rely on us to help you put together a well-crafted plan and to protect your assets.

Having a proper plan in place and ensuring you have a valuation report of your LLC that will withstand government inspection is crucial.

Our top priority is to make the process of establishing a limited liability company and proper valuation report as simple as possible. Contact a member of our team at (855) 231-1401 or reach out to us online!

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