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Financial Asset & Other Valuation
  • 40+ Years of Business Valuation Experience
    With decades of experience to our name, our professionals have performed appraisals on hundreds of local and national businesses.
  • Better Service and Better Value
    From ESOP to intangible asset measurements, Gibraltar Business Valuations is your one-stop shop for all of your business appraisal needs.
  • A Valuation Firm Unlike Any Other
    "Gibraltar Business Valuations was a significant improvement over our previous valuation firm. They dig deep into the details to really understand our business."

Financial Asset & Other Valuations

Appraisers With a Passion for Valuation

If you are in need of a financial asset valuation for tax related business purposes or estate and gift tax planning, you have come to the right place. At Gibraltar Business Valuations, we perform valuations for a wide range of companies throughout the U.S.

We have more than 40 years of experience and are highly knowledgeable in the various types of financial assets.

Throughout the years, our business valuation professionals have taken on a variety of different clients and have earned a reputation for being passionate about valuation.

We strive to go above and beyond to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and provide exceptional service. You can rely on us to help make the process as simple and painless as possible, explaining every detail of your asset valuation to you.

Gibraltar Business Valuations is the company you need on your side. Call our professionals at (855) 231-1401 for financial reporting services today!

Why Do I Need Financial Valuation?

We perform this service for a wide range of reasons, including:

  • Stock-based compensation
  • Fair value measurements
  • Reorganizations
  • Dissolutions
  • Litigation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Buy-sell agreement analysis
  • Buy-sell agreement consultations
  • Corporation conversions
  • Charitable contributions
  • Litigation
  • And more

Financial assets may include securities that can be easily converted into a dollar amount, less liquid items such as notes receivable or payable, and intangible assets, such as intellectual property.

Getting an assessment of the value of the financial assets in your company may become necessary whether you need to know if:

  • The value of an asset has become impaired
  • Report the value on financial statements
  • Are involved in litigation
  • Or any other reason

This can help determine the liquidity position of your business and the current values of your other non-cash and intangible assets.

There are a number of different categories of financial assets which may be included in a valuation, including:

  • Marketable securities
  • Privately held securities
  • Receivables
  • Copyrights and licenses
  • Software
  • Contracts
  • And databases

If your business has a high net worth, or if you would like to protect you financial interests, Gibraltar Business Valuations is ready to help.

Call our asset valuation professionals today in our Colorado office at (303) 532-2545, Illinois at (312) 883-8850, or Utah at (801) 466-5410


  • franson civil engineers logo
    "Well-Written Valuation Reports"
    Don distinguishes himself by consistently submitting well-written valuation reports. He is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills. I appreciate that Don thinks analytically about the valuation and looks for areas of potential improvement.
    - Kevin Franson, CPSM — Franson Civil Engineers
  • Bunnell infant care logo
    "Insightful and Valuable Valuation Services"
    Gibraltar Business Valuations has provided insightful and valuable valuation services, allowing Bunnell to implement an effective strategy in our transition to being employee owned.
    - Jeanie Larson, Vice President of Finance — Bunnell, Inc.
  • WesTech logo
    "Significant Improvement Over Our Previous Valuation Firm"
    Gibraltar Business Valuations was a significant improvement over our previous valuation firm. They dig deep into the details to really understand our business and our ESOP. Their analysis is superior and reports are highly professional.
    - Rex R. Plaizier, President — WesTech Engineering, Inc.
  • Sportsman logo
    "Gibraltar Business Valuations Brings Attention to Detail to the Valuation Process"
    We’ve been very impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail that Gibraltar Business Valuations brings to the valuation process. Gibraltar Business Valuations works hard to understand the complexities of our business, much more so than our previous valuators. They dig deep below the surface to discover the unique nature of our company, asking questions and listening carefully to the answers. We find the reports to be very useful in summarizing the opportunities as well as the challenges we face.
    - David Harvey, President — Crown Enterprises, Inc. dba Sportsman and Ski Haus
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    "Gibraltar Business Valuations Provides Great Service"
    When we had an urgent need for help on a project, Gibraltar Business Valuations stepped-up at a moment's notice, taking the first available flight to get here as quickly as possible to help us meet a tight deadline. Gibraltar Business Valuations consistently provides quality work, even in challenging circumstances such as a tight deadline. We know we can rely on Gibraltar Business Valuations for professional expertise and service. Scott D. Hampton, Founding Member - Hampton IP
    - Scott Hampton
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