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Gift & Estate Tax Valuations
  • 40+ Years of Business Valuation Experience
    With decades of experience to our name, our professionals have performed appraisals on hundreds of local and national businesses.
  • Better Service and Better Value
    From ESOP to intangible asset measurements, Gibraltar Business Valuations is your one-stop shop for all of your business appraisal needs.
  • A Valuation Firm Unlike Any Other
    "Gibraltar Business Valuations was a significant improvement over our previous valuation firm. They dig deep into the details to really understand our business."

Chicago Gift Estate Tax Valuations

Expert Valuation Services provided Nationwide

At Gibraltar Business Valuations, we offer a full line of business appraisal services, including:

  • Valuation of intellectual property
  • Business related discount studies
  • Valuation of closely held stock
  • Litigation support related to business appraisal

For federal transfer tax purposes, assets that are given or inherited must be valued. The IRS requires that these services be performed by a qualified appraiser.

For help, call Gibraltar Business Valuations today at (855) 231-1401 or fill out our online contact form.

IRS Estate Tax Appraisal Requirements

These situations often receive special attention from the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the Department of Labor, and other state and federal regulatory agencies. Any perceived discrepancy or undervaluing in the bequeathed assets could result in serious tax penalties.

For this reason, it is vitally important to have business assets and property held in an estate or gifted to an heir professionally valued by a qualified appraiser even though they are not mandatory. Not only does this result in a more precise and accurate appraisal, but it also lowers the risk of tax penalties and minimizes the amount of taxes paid.

Information that should be included in a qualified appraisal:

  • Value of property
  • Condition of property
  • Valuation effective date
  • Fair market value

The government already takes a close look at every single estate tax return. That scrutiny will only increase if a qualified appraiser is not involved. Hiring Gibraltar Business Valuations will go a long way to passing through that scrutiny with a favorable outcome.

Why Hire Our Business Appraisal Service?

In recent years, various developments have emphasized and increased the value of professional valuation for gift and estate tax purposes. There are several reasons why a professional valuation is a wise move.

As the tax system has changed, putting more and more people into higher brackets, valuation services can serve as a cost-effective form of tax planning. Additionally, IRS rules such as Revenue Ruling 93-12—which repealed the former family attribution, and Revenue Ruling 81-253 have affected those who inherited or were gifted assets.

And finally, family limited partnerships can be used as a valuable means of securing valuation discounts. Speak with a professional from Gibraltar Business Valuations to learn more about our business appraisal services.

Call our office today at (855) 231-1401 to set up an appointment for a case evaluation or to learn more about our services. 


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    "Well-Written Valuation Reports"
    Don distinguishes himself by consistently submitting well-written valuation reports. He is highly intelligent and has good analytical and communication skills. I appreciate that Don thinks analytically about the valuation and looks for areas of potential improvement.
    - Kevin Franson, CPSM — Franson Civil Engineers
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    "Insightful and Valuable Valuation Services"
    Gibraltar Business Valuations has provided insightful and valuable valuation services, allowing Bunnell to implement an effective strategy in our transition to being employee owned.
    - Jeanie Larson, Vice President of Finance — Bunnell, Inc.
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    "Significant Improvement Over Our Previous Valuation Firm"
    Gibraltar Business Valuations was a significant improvement over our previous valuation firm. They dig deep into the details to really understand our business and our ESOP. Their analysis is superior and reports are highly professional.
    - Rex R. Plaizier, President — WesTech Engineering, Inc.
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    "Gibraltar Business Valuations Brings Attention to Detail to the Valuation Process"
    We’ve been very impressed with the level of professionalism and attention to detail that Gibraltar Business Valuations brings to the valuation process. Gibraltar Business Valuations works hard to understand the complexities of our business, much more so than our previous valuators. They dig deep below the surface to discover the unique nature of our company, asking questions and listening carefully to the answers. We find the reports to be very useful in summarizing the opportunities as well as the challenges we face.
    - David Harvey, President — Crown Enterprises, Inc. dba Sportsman and Ski Haus
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    "Gibraltar Business Valuations Provides Great Service"
    When we had an urgent need for help on a project, Gibraltar Business Valuations stepped-up at a moment's notice, taking the first available flight to get here as quickly as possible to help us meet a tight deadline. Gibraltar Business Valuations consistently provides quality work, even in challenging circumstances such as a tight deadline. We know we can rely on Gibraltar Business Valuations for professional expertise and service. Scott D. Hampton, Founding Member - Hampton IP
    - Scott Hampton
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