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Busier Than Ever: Gibraltar Business Valuations Featured in Crain's Chicago Business

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Don M. Drysdale of Gibraltar Business Valuations recently sat down with H. Lee Murphy of Crain's Chicago Business for an interview about our booming business valuation practice. Drysdale told Crain’s that he’s the busiest he’s been in 25 years and answered some important questions about our business.

CPAs and Business Valuation

First, Drysdale talked about his background as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and his Business Valuation credentials. He explained that most, but not all, CPAs are “too rigid for the nuances of business valuation,” but still bring many important skills to the table. For Drysdale, who has worked with companies worth $1.5 billion and more, nothing matches experience.

Industry-Specific Valuations

Drysdale then goes on to discuss industry-specific valuations and argues that the valuation process is “pretty straightforward,” and that “industry expertise is generally less important than people believe.” Still, Drysdale understands the importance of the regulatory environment for banks and the healthcare business, and he has a special focus on construction businesses, which are notoriously difficult to assess.

Using Public and Private Data

When it comes to business valuation, Drysdale and his team go beyond public data and investigate private company databases to determine the value of a company. The public market is no longer the only factor that determines how much a company is worth, which makes experience a key part of the valuation industry.

Context Is Key

At Gibraltar Business Valuations, we go beyond simple math and make the subjective judgments that need to be made. We not only consider the facts and figures but also how the current economic conditions impact the business. Everything about a business matters in valuation, including how the company is run and the business law landscape at the time of valuation.

Part of the reason we have been so busy lately is due to threats from the Biden administration to overhaul gift and estate (death) tax.

Whether our clients want to protect their assets during a divorce or shift their assets to heirs, Gibraltar Business Valuations is here to help. Every situation is different, and as Drysdale explains:

You have to realize that valuing a business is not a science or an art—it’s a craft.”

Put 40+ Years of Business Valuation Experience on Your Side

Our business valuation professionals have decades of experience to our name, and we have performed appraisals on hundreds of local and national businesses. We are passionate about helping clients maximize the value of their businesses, and although we are busier than ever, we always put our clients first.

If you need to know how much your business is worth, look no further than Don M. Drysdale and our team at Gibraltar Business Valuations.

Call us at (855) 231-1401 or contact us online to learn more about what we can do for you.

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