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Providing Excellence in Chicago Business Appraisal

The team of experts at Gibraltar Business Valuations has set the bar high in the field of business valuation. We are proud to have a history of excellence in this field and clients who trust us. Our experience includes valuations performed on hundreds of businesses and companies in a broad range of industries. We have offices in Illinois and Utah. If you are looking for a professional business appraisal company, you can’t go wrong choosing Gibraltar Business Valuations.

Your Business Matters to Us

There are many reasons to choose Gibraltar Business Valuations:

· Choose us for our reputation. We’re known for excellence. For over 20 years, we’ve been serving our clients with compassion, dedication, and commitment. We’re committed to doing everything well: better value, analysis, quality, service.

· Choose us for our experience. Our Chicago business appraisal experts, as well as our experts nationwide, have experience providing appraisals for many different types of businesses, including manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution, retailing, professionals, real estate development, and start-up businesses. Our more specific expertise includes construction, engineering and architectural firms, investment and real estate holding companies, oil and gas, retail, and telecommunications. Learn more about our experience.

· Choose us for our commitment to clients. We are passionate about what we do. Our motto is “A Passion for Valuation.” Our clients trust us because we’ve proven our ability to serve them.

· Choose us for our professional excellence. We have given presentations to national organizations at national conferences. Don M. Drysdale wrote the sections on valuing construction companies for the book “Financial Valuation: Applications & Models.” Gibraltar Business Valuations has set the bar high in our field.

To set up a consultation, or for more information about the firm, call our office at (312) 883-8850.

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